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Owl Guardian Services Ltd

Taking Vulnerable People Under Our Wing


Our priority is to work in the client’s best interests, whilst respecting their wishes and those of their family and dependants. These principles are enshrined in the Mental Capacity Act 2005, to which we wholeheartedly adhere.

To help us achieve this we work closely with family, carers, social workers, advocates, financial institutions and other professionals involved with the client.

Examples of how using the clients funds for their individual needs can help:

Case study 1

Following a serious illness, Chris was left unable to communicate and completely paralysed except for slight movement in one hand.  He required a Deputyship Order to manage his affairs.  Every effort was made to find a way of improving his existence.  We luckily managed to locate an electronics engineer who produced a gadget that allowed Chris to operate a TV, radio and electric fan from his bed, thus giving him control of his day-to-day existence.

Case study 2

Robert was born severely mentally and physically disabled.  When the Deputyship was set up, care staff reported that he was not responsive and spent his time lying in the foetal position.  We were able to engage a music therapist who specialised in working with non-communicative patients.

After six months Robert preferred to lie on his back and acknowledge visitors to his room with verbal noises.  He made these noises constantly during the music sessions and continues to make progress.

Case study 3

John was born with a learning disability but following the death of his carer brother, had to move to residential care.  He was content in his new home but missed the bi-weekly trips made with his brother to support the local football team.  By contacting the supporters club, an arrangement was made for John to be accompanied by a fellow supporter and make full use of a season ticket.  It’s sometimes the little things in life that make it a happy one.