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Owl Guardian Services Ltd

Taking Vulnerable People Under Our Wing



This service is offered for clients who are deemed to lack mental capacity and unable to manage their own affairs.   We apply to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship Order, which will allow us to act on behalf of the client in dealing with their property and finances.  There are very strict guidelines on how this service is managed, and deputies must report to the Office of the Public Guardian, who will oversee the work.


This provision is for people who are mentally capable, but perhaps through illness or difficult circumstances, require support with managing their benefit income.  In these cases, an application is made to the Department of Works and Pensions, who will assess the claimant and if they agree that help is required, will grant an Appointeeship.  The benefit income is then paid to the Appointee who will use the income appropriately to ensure that the client’s needs are met and their bills are paid.

We can also provide the following:

Review meetings:

Attend review meetings with social workers and care providers on behalf of families and lay deputies. We will ensure that relevant questions are asked and the views of the client and representatives are fully considered.  A comprehensive report is also provided.